Concave 39
Guest of Honor: Jack Campbell
More guest announcements coming soon!

February 23 - 25, 2018
The Greenwood Inn & The Jameson Inn and Suites
Home of Concave for the past eight years
Bowling Green, KY

Deep South Con and Concave

Two great Southern Fannish traditions harmonizing for the first time! Come celebrate 40 years of Bowling Green Fandom with us!

In 1978 Science Fiction Fan-dom sprung into existence with the foundation of the Western Kentucky University Speculative Fiction Society. In 2018 we celebrate with Western Kentucky's biggest fannish event ever!


What is Concave?

Kentucky's Longest Running Science-Fiction Convention is not your average Convention. Each year during the last full weekend in February we create a Science-Fiction Fan Utopia. Our all volunteer staff is made up of our members. We are a not for profit convention and no one is paid. This "Relax-a-Con" is not about celebrity guests, or panels. We are about having a great weekend with like-minded

folks from Science-Fiction and Fantasy Fandom. There are themed parties, an art show, vendors, a world class hospitality suite, and our house band FIVE YEAR MISSION performs on Saturday Night after the Art Auction. Membership is required for access to the Convention Hotel and includes our access to our Consuite; with all you care to eat and drink.


In addition Concave is a non-profit corporation and donates to Caveland Area causes and charities.

Thursday Night

You wanted more, well you got it! Join us Thursday night for a Bonfire and Chili Cookoff. You got skills with Chili? You need another night of Concave? This is your Answer!!


Pre-registration (Until January 31st, 2018):
$45 - Adult
$30 - Under 21

At the Door:
$50 - Adult
$35 - Under 21

Checks made payable to CONCAVE should be mailed with a complete list of who you are paying for to:

Concave Intergalactic Headquarters
124 Fairlawn Ave
Lexington, KY 40505-3224

Memberships and Vendor Rooms are non-refundable but may be transferred or applied towards the
next year.

Single Day Passes

Due to the nature of our all inclusive Consuite it is not fiscally feasible to offer one day passes. Late Memberships are offered at a discounted rate on Sunday beginning at 12AM.

Our Hotel

The Greenwood Inn / The Jameson Inn and Suites

166 Cumberland Trace Road
Bowling Green, KY 42103
Phone: (270) 282-7130

Friday Night: Single-Quad $80 Suite $120
Saturday Night: Single-Quad $80 Suite $120
Furniture Removal is additional $125 per room

Two Night Minimum Stay Required
Free Wi-Fi and Late Check Out upon request

Cancellations can be made at no charge up until the Wednesday before the event (February 21st, 2018).
Reservations are held until 6pm on your scheduled arrival date. If you are arriving after 6pm the hotel may require a one night deposit.

All Atrium Party or Vendor rooms (aka in the Concave Village) must be reserved through Claude. (

Art Show


To receive a copy of the Concave Art Show Rules, Bid Sheets, Control Sheets, Hanging Fees, and Shipping Information contact: Curt and Kim Payne (
Space is limited so make your reservations early!

Gaming Program


The Concave Gaming Program is very informal. There are no sponsored tournaments or prizes. Just a bunch of gamers doing there thing in the game rooms provided by Concave. If you are interested in running a particular game or tournament. You can contact our Game Master Doug Smith. (

Huxter Room


How to be a Vendor at Concave

  • Step One: Understand what Vending at Concave means

    Concave's Vending area isn't set up like your average Convention. We utilize our facility's atrium layout to create a centralized "Village" type area. It is in this area that we have our vendors occupy rooms. Vendor rooms have atrium facing picture windows creating a store front experience for fans and vendors alike. These are rooms that you must rent from the hotel once getting on the approved vendor list. Vending is not permitted in other areas of the hotel. Concave is an All Volunteer Not-for-Profit Convention; that means NO ONE is getting paid to do the hard work you will see us all doing all weekend. I didn't get paid to type this; or to answer your emails later. I do it because I love Concave. We find that vendors who give us a shot usually love it too. Space is pretty scarce; because folks who come once tend to return.

  • Step Two: Contact Claude

    A limited number of vending rooms are available. If you are interested in inhabiting one then you need to email our Vendor Contact: Lord Rev. Col. Claude Miles at This is how you get on the approved vending list; which you must do before you can book a vending room. We just want to make sure we don't overbook or have too much vendor similarity. Nobody likes it when every vendor is selling pogs. This is the Only Approved way to Sell things at Concave.

  • Step Three: Pay

    You got your approval and you want to book your room. Well, not so fast! First you have to pay! Concave charges All Vendors a $40 non-refundable 'Capitalist Exploitation Fee' to Sell to our Members. You are also required to purchase a Membership for Yourself and All Other Human Beings attending as part of your Vending. This means you, your baby, your wife, your girlfriend, your sister's cousin who just wants to "See what this is all about", everyone. No exceptions. Concave pays for the privilege to be the Sole Occupants of the Hotel; for the duration of our Convention the Hotel is not a Public Space. It is a privately rented,members only, relax-a-con. Due to the nature and volume of amenities we provide our Members this rule is absolute. Violators will be ejected from the Convention.

  • Step Four: Book your Room

    Congratulations! You somehow convinced Lord Miles to allow you to become a vendor at Concave! It is quite an Honor for you! Now you need to allow two business days for the Hotel to integrate you into their "Approved Vendor"" list. Then give them a call and let them know you are on the "Approved Vendor" list. Once they confirm this with Concave they will allow you to book. If you try to skip to this step without going through Steps Two and Three first then you will have learned How Not to be a Vendor at Concave*.

* - The exact opposite goal of this set of instructions. Cementing my failure as a communicator and as a writer.
Deadening my Soul and further lowering my opinion of the Human Species. Bringing this kind of
chaos and negativity into the Concave Universe is forbidden. Try again next year.